Monday, March 22, 2010

Future ingredients

I've been a slacker as I have been on vacation, eating fresh bananas and papayas every day in Hawaii and cooking nothing. It was nice.

Back to cooking later this week, but right now I'm excited about the seeds I bought today! I don't usually go through a whole packet of any one veggie each year, but this year I ran out of many things so I went on a little shopping spree. Soon, I'll get peas, lettuce, onions and broccoli in the ground and other things started in the greenhouse. I'm a bit behind on these things but it'll be worth the wait. Hubby rebuilt the raised beds this month, so they'll soon be filled with brand new, super healthy soil for all my veggies. Hooray!


  1. hey, where in hawaii were you? pat and i went to kauai a month ago. we loved it, obviously - i don't know how one wouldn't.

  2. Awesome. We were on the big island. It was amazing. We really needed a vacation and it was perfect.


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