Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surprising winter greens

I said this blog would be about both cooking and gardening, but since I started in January there obviously hasn't been a lot about the garden. But how about a teaser of what's to come on our little plot of land...

In the fall, I planted a few different things - hoping the weather would be mild enough so they'd grow slowly, maybe even yield a crop before shutting down for the winter. Let's see what's still alive:

Garlic... check. That's been up and looking good for a while. It'll be ready in June or so.

Kale... check minus. The stretch of super cold weather in December killed some of it and set back the rest pretty bad. It's still not looking good even with all our warm weather in January and February.

Swiss Chard... choke. Yeah, it croaked the second night of below 20 degree weather.

Cilantro... surprise check plus. It made it through the cold, and has offered enough to pick for garnish all winter long. It's looking super happy right now.

Spinach... check. I thought it all died in December, but I weeded its little patch this weekend and found it's starting to do better. Score! I think I'll have s good early crop that I can tear up before planting something new in its spot.

I haven't experimented much with winter gardening, but it's so great to live in a place where it's possible!

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  1. Thanks for posting, C. I, too, tried my hand at some winter gardening this year with similar results.

    My kale thrived, but the chard disentegrated. The spinach I planted looks similar to your photo, and I agree...we will likely get a harvest before something else takes its place.

    Good to hear about your cilantro, I'm going to try that next year.

    Let me know when you start your tomatoes...


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