Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quesadilla medicine

Mmmm, quesadillas. They cure what ails ya!
What's more comforting than delicious melty cheesy quesadillas? (except maybe grilled cheese and tomato soup, which we also had last week - I guess it was a comfort food week.)

Quesadillas are great because you really can put so many different things in them. We always put refried beans and cheese in ours, and sometimes other veggies.

Last week, I had half a red bell pepper left over and a few green onions, got a nice ripe avocado at the store, and had a mixture of pepper jack and cheddar cheeses. We were out of refried beans, but I had a can of "chili beans" - pinto beans mixed with spices - which I just mashed up and used like refrieds.

We spread the beans on half a tortilla, then put any veggies on, then cover in cheese and fold the other half over. Then, we heat up our cast iron skillet, spray it with oil, and put two quesadillas in. Cook for a few minutes, then flip them over. You can put a plate or lid on top to really keep the heat in, or transfer the 'dillas to a baking sheet and put in a nice warm oven to keep warm and melty.

The skillet browns them up really nice, but you have to be careful not to burn them.

This time, we topped the quesadillas with avocado slices, sour cream and salsa. (We're already out of the salsa I canned last summer, so we used local Sweet Creek Foods salsa, which is delicious!)

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